German Update

This term in German, Year 7 students learned basic phrases and are now able to introduce themselves, and talk about their families and pets. This is a fantastic achievement as this is the first experience learning German for most students.

This term, the topic for Year 8 students was ‘schooling’. Girls learned how to communicate about their school, subjects, timetable, co-curricular activities and hobbies. Year 9 students focused on fashion, learning to describe items of clothing and identifying other physical characteristics.

This week, students learned about the German tradition of painting Easter eggs and hanging them on the Ostereierbaum (Easter Tree). The tradition originated in Germany and has taken off in other corners of the world. German families have been adding this cheerful pop of colour to their homes for hundreds of years, with some families keeping their trees out year-round, decorating them for other holidays such as Christmas.

Mrs Izabela Minuzzo
Head of German

Anna Vujovic (8G)