Year 8 German overview of 2022

This year in German, Year 8 students have covered a lot of topics! The year began with an introduction to activities that we can do in our ‘Freizeit’ (free time). We revised from Year 7 and learned how to describe our hobbies, how often we do them, and our opinions on them. It was fun finding out more about our classmates’ interests!

Term 2 focused on our new unit about our homes and their interior descriptions. The Dative and Accusative cases were also introduced to us as we learned more about furniture and object positioning, with a cute Teddybär who helped us along the way.

After ‘Mein Haus’, we began learning about our favourite and least favourite foods, and when we eat them. We even had a chance to taste test a range of German delicacies, including Wurst (sausage), Gummibärchen (gummy bears), and Knoppers. Moving onto fashion, we were introduced to clothing and the correct adjectival endings, according to the gender of the clothing. The amazing fashion parade in our class is something we will all never forget!

As the holidays edge closer and closer, we have begun our final topic for the year: travel. By the end of the term, we will have learned how to converse about our future and past holiday destinations, and exciting landscapes in different locations. Perfect timing for our Christmas Holiday break! We can’t wait to see what new, exciting things Year 9 German will bring!

Cadence Chang (8H) and Poppy McGuire (8E)