2020 Instrumental and Vocal Competition Results

Instrumental Music has been a hive of activity at School and online in recent weeks with the creation of many virtual performances, and the delivery of the 2020 Instrumental and Vocal Competitions.

Virtual Performances

Some of you may have watched the stunning virtual performance of the Chamber Strings—in collaboration with Mr Warwick Adeney, concertmaster of Queensland Symphony Orchestra—directed by Mr Michael Patterson as part of the School’s 2020 Virtual Cathedral Concert last Friday.

This week, the Symphonic Winds are proud to present a beautiful virtual performance, Celtic Carol, directed by Ms Laurinda Davidson. We hope you enjoy the performance.

2020 Instrumental and Vocal Competitions

The 2020 Instrumental and Vocal Competitions took place over the weekend with more than 220 girls participating in nine different competitions via video submissions. The time and effort put into each performance was enormous and we are proud of all girls who entered the competitions. I am pleased to share the 2020 results with you below.

The winning performances were presented to students today as part of the Arts Fest celebrations. The R.T. and A.E. Jefferies Bursary winner will be announced next week.

Congratulations to the following musicians:

Vocal Prize—adjudicator Dale Cox (Brisbane)

Lily Lau-Coombs (12O)

Highly Commended

Lucia Dann (11B)

Abigail Lui (12O)

Annabelle Khoo (12W)

Aravindi Gunawardena (12E)

Bryleigh Parsons-Pope (12B)

Woodwind Prize—adjudicator Nerida Eckert (Toowoomba)

Vivian Wang (Flute) (11L)

Highly Commended

Laura Hall (Oboe) (11L)

Clare Tian (Clarinet) (11M)

Lisa Walsham (Clarinet) (8R)

Ella Chen (Flute) (10W)

Elizabeth Choo (Alto Sax) (11M)

Percussion Prize—adjudicator Kerry Joyce (Sydney)

Abigail Chadirchi (11L)

Highly Commended
Shinie Gu (7O)

Brass Prize—adjudicator Victoria Taylor (Brisbane)

Isabella Peters (Trumpet) (10E)

Highly Commended

Pascal Green (Tuba) (10G)

Grace Crilly (Tuba) (12E)

Ridhma Perera (Trumpet) (10L)

String Prize—adjudicator Warwick Adeney (Brisbane)

Lilly Zhang (Violin) (11W)

Highly Commended

Irene Shim (Violin) (9G)

E Lyn Won (Cello) (7B)

Hannah Kim (Violin) (12M)

Grace Paschkewitz (Violin) (9O)

Abigail Lui (Violin) (12O)

Gillies Violin Prize—adjudicator Warwick Adeney (Brisbane)

Eilish Chopra (11W)

Highly Commended
Hannah Kim (12M)

Gillies Piano Prize—adjudicator Aura Go (Sydney)

Aika Nishiyama (7G)

Wight Medal for Piano—adjudicator Aura Go (Sydney)

Sophie Shan (11E)

Highly Commended
Mia Li (12R)

Harp and Non-Orchestral Instruments—adjudicator Karin Schaup (Brisbane)

Lisa Chang (Harp) (12E)

Highly Commended
Remi Hirayama (Harp) (10L)

Mrs Emma Dron
Director of Instrumental Music