Instrumental Music Update

Congratulations to all Instrumental Music students on your recent auditions and end-of-term performances. Thank you for a fantastic year of music making and learning at Girls Grammar.

2020 Ensemble Placements

The Instrumental Music Department are pleased to announce the ensemble placements for 2020. Lists for all 2020 ensembles can be viewed in the Instrumental Music Department. Please note that ensemble seating orders may change at the discretion of the conductors in order to ensure ensemble-wide skill development.

This year, the School is delighted to be introducing two new ensembles in 2020. A new Senior String ensemble—Mendelssohn Strings—will sit between Chamber Strings and Vivaldi Strings, and allow for even greater differentiation for our high-end string players. We are also introducing a new Junior Jazz ensemble—Little Big Band. This group will be an extension ensemble allowing us to provide a pathway into our Senior Big Band.

To confirm your child’s place in their allocated ensemble for 2020, please complete the 2020 Music Enrolment Form.

2020 Choirs

The structure of the School’s core (non-auditioned) choirs will be slightly different in 2020. All rehearsals commence at 7 am. Please see the new rehearsal schedule listed below.

Tuesday:            Chorale (Years 11 and 12)
Wednesday:      Voices (Years 7 and 8)
Thursday:           Euphonix (Years 9 and 10)
Friday:                 Vox (Years 7 and 8)

This new structure will help even out the numbers between choirs while also creating space for new performances and rewarding connections, both socially and musically.

To participate in the non-auditioned core choirs listed above, please sign-up online.

If you wish to participate in small group vocal lessons or private vocal lessons to support and enhance your involvement in the choral program, please complete the 2020 Music Enrolment Form.

2020 Group Tuition

All BGGS students are entitled to one small group instrumental lesson and/or one small group vocal lesson each week as included in your school fees. Students who are having private lessons on their instrument or voice are also welcome to participate in small group tuition provided by the School—either as lessons, or as a part of our chamber music program.

For students who have successfully gained a place in the auditioned Choirs—Encore, Chamber Singers, Grammar Singers—a reminder that you are required to enrol in either a small group vocal lesson at school, or be undertaking a private lesson at school or elsewhere.

2020 Enrolment Form

In order to confirm your child’s place in the 2020 Instrumental and Vocal Music Program, please complete the online 2020 Music Enrolment Form.

This is where you can sign-up for small group instrumental and vocal tuition, private tuition and chamber music. Completing this form confirms your participation in allocated ensembles for 2020.

For students intending to learn outside of the School’s Instrumental Music Program in 2020, this form is still required to be submitted in order to participate in a school ensemble.

2020 Annual Music Camp

Members of the following groups will be involved in the 2020 Annual Music Camp which takes place at the end of Week 1, Term 1 2020 (Friday 30 January to Sunday 2 February).

  • Symphonic Winds
  • Chamber Strings
  • Mendelssohn Strings
  • Symphony Orchestra
  • Chamber Singers

More information will be sent to these families regarding the Camp shortly.

If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to celebrating the end of the year with many of you at our Christmas Carnival and Carols event next Monday evening.

Mrs Emma Dron
Director of Instrumental Music