Instrumental Music Update

Artists in Concert and the R.T. and A.E. Jefferies Prize

On Friday evening, nine outstanding student musicians presented recitals of solo repertoire in the Gerhmann Theatre. Congratulations to the finalists who presented on this night:

  • Yu Mo (Mikaela) Chen (10E)
  • Sophie Shan (10E)
  • Rebecca Groves (12H)
  • Emily Yu (12O)
  • Abigail Chadirchi (10L)
  • Georgia Power (12O)
  • Annabelle Khoo (11W)
  • Eilish Chopra (10W)
  • Remi Hirayama (9L).

Guest adjudicators, Dr Malcolm Cole and Dr Graeme Denniss, were highly impressed by the quality of all performances on the evening and the 2019 R.T. and A.E. Jefferies Prize was awarded to Sophie Shan (10E) for her exceptional performances of Étude Op. 10, No. 12 by Frédéric Chopin and Sarabande from the Pour le Piano Suite by Claude Debussy.

Principal, Ms Jacinda Euler, Dr Malcolm Cole, Sophie Shan (10E) and Dr Graeme Denniss.

Middle School State Honours Ensemble Program

Last weekend, the Queensland Conservatorium—Griffith University brought together 979 young musicians from 127 schools for an intensive three days of music-making. Congratulations to the following Girls Grammar musicians for their successful nomination for participation in the Middle School State Honours Ensemble Program for 2019:

Iha Agrawal (7R) Voice Alto
Charlize Chang (7H) Violin
Yi-Shiuan (Vicki) Chuang (8E) Violin
Ashley Cleland (7E) Violin
Josephine Davis (8L) Violin
Leah Diamond (8E) Trumpet
Caitlin Holmes (7O) Clarinet Bass
Myella Jago (7H) Violin
Ava Myers (7W) Saxophone Baritone
Teagan Norman (8G) Voice Alto
Grace Paschkewitz (8O) Violin
Kathryn Petersen (7O) Cello
Anshika Singh (7R) Clarinet
Georgia Somerville (7G) Viola
Emily Telford (7W) Trumpet
Lucy Vaughan (8O) Cello
Lisa Walsham (7R) Clarinet

Mrs Emma Dron
Director of Instrumental Music