German Affiliate School visits BGGS

Earlier this term we welcomed our German Affiliate School students and teachers from Werner-Heisenberg Gymnasium, Neuwied, Germany. Girls Grammar families hosted the students for two weeks, as they immersed themselves completely in the vibrant life of Girls Grammar. Year 10 student, Jaimee Jessop (10R), shared her experiences hosting a student from Werner-Heisenberg Gymnasium.

Hosting a German exchange student has been, by far, one of the best opportunities I have been given whilst at Girls Grammar. Not only has it allowed me to enhance my language skills by immersing myself in daily conversations and activities conducted in German, but it has also broadened my horizons in ways I could never have imagined.

The opportunity to welcome a student, Johanna Spieß, from across the world into my home has opened the door to an exciting cultural exchange. From sharing stories about our respective countries to indulging in the unique tastes and traditions of both Australia and Germany, I have had the chance to connect with someone from a completely different background, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of global diversity. It’s truly remarkable to observe the authentic curiosity and enthusiasm my exchange student has brought to their experience in Australia. Their eagerness has not only allowed me to gain a new found appreciation for my own country but has also helped me cherish the simple pleasures, such as our pristine beaches and our relaxed way of life.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this experience has been the opportunity to introduce my exchange student to the beauty of Australia. We’ve embarked on memorable adventures to iconic local cities, exploring their history, tourist destinations, and food. From the bustling streets of Byron Bay to the natural wonders of Moreton Island, we’ve had the privilege of showcasing the best that Australia has to offer. Sharing these experiences and witnessing the wonder in my exchange student’s eyes as they encounter Australia’s unique wildlife and diverse landscapes has been incredibly rewarding, reinforcing the idea that cultural exchange truly knows no boundaries. If I could recommend one thing that every Grammar girl has to try while here, it is being able to experience hosting a foreign exchange student in the future.

Jaimee Jessop (10R)

Johanna Spieß and Jaimee Jessop (10R)