Technology at Home

The security and privacy of students and their families are primary considerations of the School at all times.

BGGS remains extremely vigilant in this area, particularly during this period of remote learning when students are using technology at home to engage in learning.

To ensure we are doing all we can to provide for the safety of students while online, the School has engaged an eSafety/Cyber team to regularly review the School’s approach and practices associated with cyber safety.

While this team have not identified any immediate concerns, the review will happen on an ongoing basis to monitor this situation, understanding the significant risks involved.

The School maintains various policies, protocols and practices for our students to ensure their online safety and the integrity of your home technology systems.

We know that many parents have queries about ensure their daughter’s safety while online. The School will provide regular updates about cyber safety in BGGS News, from next week, and has compiled the following recommendations for parents to action before students return to School on Tuesday:

  • Please familiarise yourself with the School’s policies and guidelines for student use of technological platforms. Further information and access to resources can be found on Minerva.
  • View the Student Guidelines for engaging in virtual classes and group discussions.
  • Please spend 10 minutes before the start of Term 2 to ensure:
    • your daughter is using the latest version of Zoom. Visit to see if updates are available
    • your daughter’s device has up-to-date anti-virus software installed and operating. Some options are listed on the School’s website
    • you have set-up parental controls on your daughter’s device. Further information on how to do this is on the School’s website
  • You may also wish to view other information about cyber safety, accessible on the School’s website, here:

Please note, the School will not use Zoom for one-on-one student conversations, including meetings with Student Care staff.

If you have any further queries about your daughter’s use of any School-approved software, please contact the IT Department on 07 3332 1478 or email