The three core music domains (strings, band and choir) offer more than 800 places for students to pursue their musical talents at their specific level of proficiency. Specialist music staff provide instrumental and vocal tuition in group and private lessons. Tuition is available, subject to demand, in the following instruments (including voice):





Violin Trumpet Flute/Piccolo Percussion
Viola Trombone Clarinet * Drum Kit
Cello Euphonium Oboe Chamber Music
Double Bass French Horn Bassoon Voice
*Electric Guitar Tuba Saxophone *Piano
*Classical Guitar *AMEB Theory
 * Private tuition only

A Place for Everyone

At Brisbane Girls Grammar School we truly believe that music is for everyone. If you already play an instrument we will find the right place for you in one of our 20 ensembles. These include bands, orchestras, choirs and chamber groups. The ensembles are supported by experienced and enthusiastic conductors and teachers so that we can always bring out the best in every student, from elementary musicians to those studying for their performance diplomas.

For those who have never had the chance to learn an instrument before, Girls Grammar is the place for you. We strongly encourage all students who have never tried music before to take up an instrument in Year 7. After only a few lessons they will find themselves as part of a band or orchestra. Singers can join a choir right away! Some of the School’s most successful musicians have been those who began learning in Year 7, with no music experience from primary school.

In our music programme we encourage all students to develop their qualities of leadership, responsibility, discipline, commitment and teamwork. We sincerely want your participation in music to be a successful, rewarding and musically enjoyable experience.

Our Philosophy

Music education at Brisbane Girls Grammar School is seen as an essential element in the cultural growth and the development of self esteem of the individual. To play music combines behaviours that promote higher order thinking skills. Involvement in music can stimulate the brain and develop intelligence in other areas. It provides the opportunity for perceptual motor development and encourages the development of social skills, discipline and commitment, which all add to self worth. Playing music enriches one’s life, providing an avenue for self-expression and creativity, and can help prepare one for a career, if so desired.
Being involved in music for its own sake can be relaxing, satisfying, stimulating and above all, fun.

Mission Statement

The Music Programme at Brisbane Girls Grammar School aims to provide music education of the highest quality. It aims to balance traditional musical concepts with innovative musical experiences and to instil in the students the relevance of music education in our society.

Aims and Objectives

To create a friendly and sympathetic learning environment in which students are:

  • encouraged to appreciate and participate in a wide range of musical experiences
  • provided with a range of learning opportunities appropriate to student needs and abilities
  • encouraged to pursue excellence in music performances
  • encouraged to develop an awareness of their responsibility as a member of a team
  • fostered and encouraged to involve their families in support of the School Music Programme