A Thank You from the P&F Association

It has certainly been a satisfyingly busy calendar year for the BGGS P&F Association. With funds raised through the prudent management of the Uniform Shop, we have made significant financial contributions towards projects that will directly benefit the girls. Equally, or arguably more importantly, have been our efforts to facilitate and strengthen the sense of community between Grammar families.

A brief summary of our donations to the School for 2021 are as follows:

This year has also seen the successful continuation of the Year level Facebook pages. We hope this has been a useful initiative and we look forward to further improving the channels of communication between home and School next year. P&F volunteers have been involved in the New Parents Welcome Reception, Open Day, Interhouse Cross Country, House Afternoon Teas for Year 6 students and the Year 12 family picnic. Behind the scenes, we have also strengthened our governance and oversight responsibilities.

The P&F Association incorporates both Mothers and Fathers Group. Kat Henley and her team have successfully brought together an energetic and engaged group of volunteers in Mothers Group to create a very real sense of inclusion and community. I trust you have sampled some of their baking during the year or managed to attend one of the myriad functions for parents they have organised. I congratulate them on the $10 000 raised for Share the Dignity and their own contribution to the BGGS Bursary fund. Fathers Group can be relied on to whip up a sausage sizzle at the drop of a hat and have been behind further improvements to the facilities at Marrapatta. My thanks to Darcy Rawlinson who will step aside as President of Fathers Group but, thankfully, remains with the P&F.

Mrs Robyn Mullen retires as Manager of the Uniform Shop next week after 10 years of service.  We are very grateful for her warm welcoming manner and her exemplary organisational skills, which have made uniform fittings such a positive experience for a generation of Grammar girls.

The P&F Association elected office bearers for 2022 are as follows:

P&F President Cate Campbell
P&F Vice President Darcy Rawlinson
P&F Secretary Jocelyn Manique
P&F Treasurer Catherine McLeod
Mothers Group President Kat Henley
Fathers Group President Hayden Wells

We are looking forward to working with the School in 2022 to identify other projects that we can support and plans are well underway for our 70th Anniversary celebrations.

Finally, thank you to all parents who have come to a P&F Meeting or supported one of our initiatives. I continue to believe that the benefits of taking a keen interest in your daughter’s school cannot be overestimated.

Best wishes for the holiday season.

Dr Cate Campbell 
President, P&F Association